15 days and counting

we're almost there

Fifteen days or two weeks, that's how much we've got left before leaving for Zermatt, in the Swiss Alps – at least if no one hires me for the Summer. We have been busy preparing everything for the journey for the last months, but it's almost at our fingertips. And even if it means that we are about to make it true, it's sad at the same time.

Dreams fuel our crappy working days, it's what we think about during our endless commutes and nothing but the thought of our destination is needed to make us smile, even if we don't know when it's going to happen. We plan everything to the tiniest detail – where to go, what to do, what to bring with us… Preparing everything is exciting, doesn't hurt your wallet, and lasts much longer than the actual thing. Because once you are living it, you know that it'll come to an end. Until the next adventure.

Last Sunday's pictures

We put our gear to test last Sunday to make sure we had everything we needed and that everything (including ourselves) was in good condition by going for a 20 Km hike. But my boots weren't, or so did I take from the cuts and blisters I found in my feet after the walk. It's against what is advised but I need to get me a new pair of boots. I doubt my feet could get used to them before arriving in Zermatt, but oh, well… I must admit I used my old pair of boots day after day after day in London, where some days I would walk up to 30 Km. Has anyone seen London kills me? Nevermind.

Travel preparations

Our plane tickets are validated, parking lot at airport booked, passports renewed, train tickets printed, European healthcare coverage checked, hotel arranged, and even the trails have been decided already.

It was mid March when we still didn't know how many of us would go to Zermatt and it wasn't easy to find the right time so that all of us could go. Much has been done in the past months. It's not over, though. About time we start deciding what to pack and what to leave at home, which will be a challenge if the temperature is as variable as we think it will be: really warm deep in the valleys, and truly cold and windy up in the mountains.


My beloved boots

This is the best pair of hiking boots I ever had. I bought them in Winter 2013 and used them day after day in London. It is true that in 2015 water started leaking in, but I could forgive that. I wish I bought more pairs, just like I do with jeans or socks or undies. I will miss you.


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