Day 3: Klein Matterhorn

of mutilated mountains

Like yesterday, we have gotten into the cable car towards Schwarzsee but today we have kept going further to Trockener Steg. We have had to change cable cars there and taken the one going to the highest point in the journey: Klein Matterhorn (3,883m).

At the other end of the cable car a tunnel opens up that leads to ski tracks, a very fancy restaurant, and a gallery into the glacier with some rooms to showcase ice sculptures. If you have been to Chamonix, this is exactly the same as Mer de Glace.

Rothorn | Schwarzsee

One of the best things is the cinema at the gallery, with heated egg-shaped seats, where you can sit for a while and watch videos about the Swiss Alps.

If you’re not going to visit Zermatt every single year I guess that the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a must-see, but the cable car is expensive, the top viewpoint is crowded (also doesn’t have the best floor for tripods), and you won’t see the best profile of the Matterhorn. But it is possible to spot the Mont Blanc from the slopes.

You could climb the Rothorn from here or cross to Italy. And obviously ski, even in Summer.

Unlike the cable car to Agil di Midi (French Alps), this one has been soothingly smooth, due to the lack of wind. Temperature hasn’t been that cold either.

To celebrate that we have survidded to the cable car we have stopped at Schwarzsee and have had lunch at the hut/hotel/restaurant: potato soup with sausage bits (I didn't know I would like it this much).

After lunch we have decided to go back to Gornergrat and buy a knife there, and record our name on it. Even if we have rushed to Zermatt, by the time we have made it to Gornergrat the stores were closed. That was a waste of time.

Walk around Zermatt before dinner, and straight to bed.

Klein Matterhorn

Klein Matterhorn about to swallow the cable car

Also known as the Matterhorn Glaciar Paradise, it is basically a gallery drilled in the mountain. The tunnel goes from one side to another, and it also has an elevator to a higher point where the scenic overlook is located.


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